We are Part of the Team

The Foundation is a critical part of Team USA Cycling.  Our efforts directly support athletes, coaches, mechanics, soigneurs and USA Cycling staff .  We all work together to develop American cycling and achieve international success at the professional and Olympic level.

USA Cycling Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Representatives to the USA Cycling Board of Directors

Additional USACF Board of Directors

Greg Avis – Palo Alto, CA
Mark Bissell – Grand Rapids, MI
Derek Bouchard-Hall – Colorado Springs, CO – Ex officio
Michael D. Cole – Long Island, NY
Doug Ellis – New York, NY
Robert Emery – San Francisco, CA

Peter Grauer – New York, NY
Mick Hellman – Kentfield, CA – Vice-President
Russell Hirsch – Palo Alto, CA
Jeff Jacobs – San Diego, CA
Thomas Kempner Jr. – New York, NY

Michael Linn – San Francisco, CA
Rafael Ortiz – Santa Cruz, CA
Jan Silverberg – Seattle, WA
Julia Violich – San Anselmo, CA
Thomas W. Weisel – San Francisco, CA – President
Priscilla Woods – New York, NY

Why a Foundation for Cycling?

The elite athlete development process in cycling can span much of the formative life of an athlete and requires significant resources. Most of the countries against which we compete fund elite athlete development through government related funding. Of the major industrialized countries, only the United States does not maintain a socialized sport development system. As a result, American sports governing bodies, such as USA Cycling, must find the resources themselves to create and sustain development programs. USA Cycling is therefore significantly challenged to adequately invest in developing elite athletes which can compete against the best in the world.  The USA Cycling Foundation was created with the primary purpose of raising money to support USA Cycling’s elite athlete development programs, including those supporting young athletes (juniors and Under-23) and women.  Support the future of American cycling by making a donation today!!

Where Does the Money Go?

The Foundation has raised more than $20,000,000 to support USA Cycling athlete development programs for junior, under-23 and women’s programs since inception in 2000. Foundation grants to USA Cycling are directed towards those programs that are listed under We Support.  Please consider a gift today.

Foundation Staff

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